House of Knyaz Moruz

The House of Knyaz Moruz is a monument of architectural art dating from the 19th century, more precisely 1850, recognized by the Ministry of Culture in the List of Historical Monuments under the code LMI BT-II-m-B-01973.

In the feudal system, the knyaz was the leader of a principality, master over villages and estates, having administrative attributions. In time, those who held the title of “knyaz” went through a process of social differentiation. Thus, some of them remained among the privileged social groups, while others, the majority, remained free people, but with no privileges, an intermediate class between the feudal masters and the landless peasants.

Nowadays, the House of Moruz is the headquarters of a school and can be found on 55 “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Street.

On the same street, at number 27, there is another historical monument of local interest for Dorohoi, included in group B of historical monuments (Code LMI – BT-II-m-B-01969). The house was built in 1890, in eclectic style, and today operates as a guesthouse.