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Name Category Rooms Places Address
Pension FIRENZE 2 ** 12 17 43 DIMITRIE POMPEIU Street
Pension GALAXY 3 *** 5 10 44 GEORGE ENESCU Street
Villa MAGICA 3 *** 5 16 43  VICTORIEI B-DUL
Pension SPLENDID 3 *** 15 35 27 A. I. CUZA Street


Name Category Address Places



Fees and visiting hours

Botosani County Museum

Children, students, pensioners, disabled persons: 1 RON
Adults: 4 RON
Shooting – 20 RON;
Movie – 30 RON / hour.

Mihai Eminescu Memorial House

For children, the group of children, students, pensioners, disabled persons: 1 leu / person for adults; Adult group of 4 lei / person
Rates: 5 lei
Rate shooting: 9 lei
Last guide is at 16.30 or 15.30, half an hour before closing time

Mihai Eminescu County Library

Lecture hall:
Phone: 0231 514686 (int. 26)
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 19:00
SATURDAY: 9:00 – 13:00

Former Prefecture, now the Museum of Natural Sciences

2 lei lei groups and four individual

George Enescu Memorial Museum

2 lei lei groups and four individual

Landmarks religion (church)

Opening times: All year

Attractions – Nature

Opening times: All year
Price: Free access

Entertainment – Parks

Opening times: All year
Price: Free access

Leisure – Swimming pool

Opening hours:
* Monday – Friday – 12:00 to 10:00 p.m.
* Saturday and Sunday – 10:00 to 10:00 p.m.
* Seasonal: May 1 to September 30
– 0-6 years access to special above-ground pool – FREE
– 6-12 years – 5 LEI
– The other categories of persons – 20 LEI.

Entertainment – Skating rink

Schedule: Daily, from 14.00 to 22.00
The price for an hour is 8 lei, skates are available for free.
Prupuri price (minimum 10 people): 5 lei per hour / person.

Nightlife (Botosani)

  •  Grand Irish Pub: Str. Marcian, Nr. 5. Contact: Tel – 0747600003, Web –

Grand Irish Pub and dishes bring tradition into a modern Irish.

  • Kuan Yin Club: Str. Ion Pillat no. 9 Contact: 0746-502 433
  • Kuan Yin Club is an exciting and unique presence in the landscape of northern Moldavia clubs, distinguished by décor and atmosphere with a tinge Buddhist intimate and discreet. Kuan Yin is the goddess protecting half of humanity, it being the merciful, who sees and hears the cries of the world.
  •  Koma Glam Club: Str. Cuza Voda Contact: 0744 874 258/0741 648 641
  •  Traffic Café: Str. Spring, Nr. 24 Contact: 998 820 0748

Traffic Café is aimed at those looking for a different atmosphere, pleasant and relaxing music quality coffee or a lively party.

  •  Wenge Pub & Cafe: Str. Nicolae Iorga, Nr. 29 Contact: 041 735 0755

Wenge Pub & Caffé writes his story in 2008 and started with a great idea to offer a space to tell friends and a seating corner and taste. Wenge Pub & Caffé started its way initially as events and subsequently turned into a generous leisure Day & Night and a place of delights, where details of the interior, good music, terrace with greenery and friendly staff creates a place outside the box.


Shopping Dorohoi:

Penny Market – Supermarket: Victoriei Avenue, Nr. 120 Schedule: 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Shopping nearby

Suceava Iulius Mall Suceava: Calea Unirii Nr. 22. Schedule: L-D: 10: 00-22: 00

Botosani Overture Mall: national route no. 91. Schedule: L-D: 10: 00-21: 00


Dorohoi auto-service

  •    AGROTRANS SRL: Dorohoi, Bd. Victoriei, nr. 133. Program: L-S: 7: 00-19: 00 D: 7: 00-17: 00. Contact: 0740249532
  •    Rec SRL: Str. D. Pompeiu, Nr. 67 Contact: 612 179 0231,
  •    VOX: Str. Aprodu Arbore, Nr. 4. Contact: 0745154529
  •    POLISERV: Srl Str. Locomotive, Nr. 4. Contact: 616 890 0231
  •    PFA Uratu Iulian-Nicolae: Dumbrava Rosie Street No. 2, inside EYOF ITA, ITP station near Codreanu, Dorohoi, Contact: 0766261870


Cableway installations. The ski area. Spa Treatment

Vatra Dornei

Installations of lifts – Vatra Dornei

Vatra Dornei resort offers ski lovers the tourists three ski slopes approved:
– Part Squirrel 800 m long, 180 m level difference, equipped with lifts, installation of artificial snow, night.
– Chairlift slope 3200 m long, 400 m difference in height, type cableway chairlift and two babyschiuri;
– Park Slope: 900 m long, 150 m difference in level two cable lifts type ski lift and one baby;
At the same time, lift the Wah can be used in the rest of the year for a special walk in nature to an altitude of about 1260 m. The ascent takes 25 minutes.

Ski area – Vatra Dornei

The ski slope “Dealu Black” (sometimes called ski slope “Chairlift”) has a length of 3,200 meters and is ranked second in Romania in terms of length. Party has a difference of 400 meters and a medium difficulty, is intended rather than the professional amateur skiers, with steep slopes, but not causing problems for practitioners of this sport. Parties have a facility transport chairlift with a capacity of 120 seats with two seats. Running chair lift is 3,000 meters. The base is located Negreşti and the termination highest share of the hill (1,300 meters). The ascent is carried to the top of the north slope of Black Hill. Duration of climb chairlift is about 20-25 minutes for the mountain lovers can admire the picturesque landscapes of several mountain ranges surrounding depression. Transport chairlift is available in all seasons, but most required is summer and winter. Parties “Dealu Black” benefit from artificial snow installation of conveyor.
The ski slope “Park” has a length of 900 meters with an average inclination of 28.5 ° and a difference of about 150 meters. It is located in the center of Wah, near Central Park, and is one of the most visited ski slopes in the north. At its heart is a track of snow tubing and ski school “Euroski”. Party has a medium difficulty, is equipped with snow cannons, night lighting and receive transport chairlift ski lift provided by the park. It includes a baby-ski Children and route length of 230 meters. The base is located on Park Street.
Following the ski slope “Park” is part “Poieniţa” (also called “Park 2”) with a length of 550 meters and a height difference of 50 meters. Parties have an optimum width for beginners and children, with a low degree of difficulty.
The ski slope “squirrel” is located in the vicinity of the “park”, making access both on Park Street and the Parties’ Park 2 “. Part was inaugurated on 6 March 2011. It has a length of 780 meters and a height difference of 200 meters. The difficulty level is medium. Take advantage of night lighting, artificial snow production facility and installation of lifts (ski lift bipost).
In addition to the four alpine ski slopes, there are slope “Dealu Runc”, dedicated to the practice of skiing and situated in the upper part of the slope continue “squirrel”. It has a length of 5,000 meters and a low degree of difficulty and is recommended for beginners. No benefit from night lighting, artificial snow or lifts.

Health tourism – Vatra Dornei

Famous for his service spa since the nineteenth century, Wah is known today as a resort for all ages, addressing both people who want to strengthen the body through mountain climbing or winter sports and the who want to rest in a bioclimatic tonic with beneficial influence on the nervous system.
To restore health, Vatra Dornei offers natural treatment factors such as:
– Carbonated mineral water springs
– Hot springs, bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and sulfur
– Natural salt pits high purity and concentration of CO2
– Peat mud of Poiana Stampa
Prevention, diseases of the cardiovascular system, electrical mobility and the associated may find healing here at Wah through a courtyards foreign-based bathrooms carbonated baths, herbs, showers, thermotherapy (mud and paraffin) electrotherapy and phototherapy, and pulmoterapie (aerosols sulphurous water and medicines). We must not forget the gym basin kinetic physical therapy, massage, diet and mofettes field.

Gura Humorului

Ski areas

The main areas with potential for the ski area and practice other winter sports are: Wah Cross, Broşteni, Saru Dornei, Gura Haitii, Dorna Candrenilor, Ciocăneşti, Malin Cârlibaba, Pojorâta, Campulung Moldovenesc and Gura Humorului Suceava. Currently, Wah focuses highest density of tourists practicing winter sports. The resort offers accommodation 2 ski slopes approved, the length of 800 m and 3,000 m, serviced by a lift, a lift and a babyschi, and two ski slopes.
Skiing is practiced on the road connecting the village of Gura Haitii Mining was delighted, but only under certain conditions, depending on snow depth, whether or not the road was removed snow.
There are two tracks in Wah (partially Park and Dealu Black), two runs in Campulung Moldovenesc (Runc and Rarău), part of Gura Humorului and three runs in rural areas (Sucevita Mălini and Cârlibaba).

Hiking trails

Suceava – Hiking trails

Geographical exposure of the mountains Bukovina allow tourist routes a day or several days, which can be performed in circuit or return to the same place from which to start. Hiking, mostly medium difficulty or reduced Wah resorts are linked and Campulung Moldovenesc and are favored by moderate heights of the mountains Călimani, Rarău Giumalău, Suhard and Bistrita.
The network of trails that tourists have available in Dorna Basin is about 280 km. There are trails approved, most of which are marked and maintained by the Department for Promotion and Development of Tourism and Mountain Rescue in the Municipality Wah. In Rarău-Giumalău massive tourist routes there are 24 appointed and approved, leading them to Alpin “Rarău» Chalet Pastoral (massive Rarău) or on Giumalău alpine refuges.
Country Dorna is pole departures massive tourist routes in four important: Giumalău – Rarău, Calimani, Suhard and Bistrita. The total length of the routes is about 320 km. In this network routes can be found for all types of tourists, so you can organize tours of 2-3 days, short hiking 3-6 hours.

Vatra Dornei – Hiking trails

It covers an area of ​​approximately 24000ha. Country area included in Dorna is distinguished by the presence of volcanic calderas huge, with a diameter of about 10 km, it is one of the largest in Europe. Its crest required by towering peaks over 2000 m, present and secondary ridge west.
Reservations and points of interest:

  •    The main ridge of volcanic caldera with major peaks over 2000 m
  •    Nature Reserve 12 Apostles and 12 Apostles Thematic Trail
  •    Scientific Reserve with Pinus cembra Molidiş
  •    Iezer Lake Nature Reserve (southern part of the caldera)
  •    Hermitage “cold water” (near the peak. Lucaciu) with access from Poiana Blacks

The main points of access paths: Haitii Mouth, Wah, Poiana Negri, Saru Dornei, Poiana Stampa, Dornişoara
Activities permitted in Calimani National Park: Hiking (with overnight stay possibility only in special campsites, equestrian tourism, skiing
Accommodation / Camping: • Reţitiş tourist cottage near the station şeteo Reţitiş;
On teritory of Calimani National Park camping sites are clearly defined – see maps on the camping

Mountain Bike Trails:

  A 82-km circuit that massive traverseză Giumalău, Suhard and Obcina Mestecănişului.
– Asphalt: 2 km
– Classification: difficult
– Satisfaction: maximum
– Variants: the route may be discontinued at Cabana Giumalău Step Mestecăniş or village Ciocăneşti
  Circuits massive short hiking trails Suhard, Bistrita, Calimani or Giumalău