Geographical location

Located in the far northeast of Romania, at approximately 490 km from the capital, Bucharest, Dorohoi Municipality is on the right bank of the Jijia river, between the Suceava Plateau and the high hills on the left of Siret. It is bordered by Ukraine to the north and by the Republic of Moldova to the east. It extends over the Upper Moldavian Plain, on the northwest, and administers three subordinated localities: Dealu Mare, Loturi Enescu and Progresul.

In Hungarian, it is called Dorohoj, and is the second largest municipality in Botoşani county. The picturesque lands of Dorohoi are located only 36 km away from Botoşani. The hills and valleys in Dorohoi appear to be depicted from postcards, with heights below 200 m, as if purposely carved out by nature for relaxing trips. This historical realm is full of stories and legends as one has hardly ever heard before.