Dorohoi municipality can be likened to a museum accommodating works of art and treasures of an immense significance.

The history of these ancient lands was registered in sources dating from the times preceding the great acts of bravery of Stephen the Great, prince of Moldova, between the 15th and 16th centuries. The ethnography, the historical, architectural and artistic monuments, the technical folk creations, the traditional folk manifestations, as well as the religious edifices existing in the area bear witness to its historical importance.

The old town of Dorohoi was an important customs point, a capital city, as well as a “place of ruling “, given the fact that the princes established their second home here. The residence of the great High Steward of the Upper Lands was also established on these lands. The paths of Dorohoi were crossed by Alexander the Good, Stephen the Great, Ilie Voivode, Peter Voivode and other notable historical figures.

One of the most visited places of worship is the one dedicated to the titular saint, Saint Nicholas, which is part of the Princely Church Complex, built at the command of Stephen the Great himself.