Princely Church Complex



                  The Princely Church Complex is an archaeological monument in Dorohoi municipality, of a national and universal value, being registered on the List of Historical Monuments under code LMI – BT-II-m-A-01984. This prestigious complex, loaded with history and bearer of the spiritual inheritance of the Romanian people, comprises the old halidom of “Saint Nicholas” Church and the Bell Tower.

“Saint Nicholas” Church is the oldest architectural monument in the municipality, dating from 1495. It was founded by the prince Stephen the Great, the protector of Moldova, renowned and high regarded for his good habit of building churches and monasteries as a token of his appreciation for the victories obtained in the battle against the Turks.

The place has a special significance for the Orthodox Christian community in the area, as the land around the church served as a cemetery until 1890, when the graves were displaced. The church was restored in late 19th century and early 20th century, more precisely in the period from 1896 to 1921, yet it retained its original walls and form in their entirety.

“Saint Nicholas” Church was built in old Moldavian style, with brick and stone walls, 1.3 meters thick. The construction has round abysses, small, narrow windows, a tower that rises on two basestars, and a cupola shaped like a dome.

It is no exaggeration to say that this holy shrine is a true architectural jewel. It has one of the most beautiful exterior decorations, in Byzantine style, with glazed bricks in different colors. The interior painting was executed approximately 500 years ago, and it still survives to this day, as if on purpose, to enrich the souls and to strengthen the faith of the locals and pilgrims travelling long distances to get here.

In the church yard of the Princely Church Complex stands the Bell Tower. It was made of brick in order to endure the better or tougher times which passed over this land. The tower soars into the sky, to the west of the church, whence the song of the bells and the prayers for the protection of the lands from Dorohoi have been ascending to the heavens for centuries.

Strada Ștefan cel Mare 61, Dorohoi 715200, Romania