”Gheorghe Asachi” Boys School, currently City Library

”Gheorghe Asachi” Boys School, currently City Library, is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Dorohoi municipality, being included in the List of Historical Monuments of Romania since 2010 as an architectural monument of local interest.

The Library is located on 45 “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Street, dating from 1903. The need for a public library in the city has been felt since 1868; on 21 November of the same year, the City Council voted to allocate 100 lei for its establishment. The first 42 volumes originate from a public donation made in 1870 from Dr. Costache Vârnav, when the library operated within the Boys School No. 1 ”Gheorghe Asachi”.

Nowadays, the library hosts 74,000 volumes, has 8 computers that can be used for documentation and serves a total population of 31,000 inhabitants.


08:00 - 16:00
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