About Dorohoi

Geographical location and climate



A brief history: administrative development and marking events



Local customs and traditions

The local customs and traditions in Dorohoi excite our imagination, conquer our soul and turn the entire cultural experience into unforgettable memories. They are full of captivating stories.

Annual events and cultural manifestations with a rich tradition, representative for the community, are organized annually in Dorohoi. People can thus attend art and music festivals for all ages and tastes: from pop to traditional and classical music, from poetry to painting, as well as customs and traditions festivals specific to the winter holidays.

Moreover, every year, in mid-autumn, in early October, Dorohoi is holding a special celebration. The Days of the Municipality, marking the first documentary attestation of the city (6 October 1407), are celebrated. The celebration lasts three days and comprises cultural, educational, sports and recreational events. These three days, which are full of color, joy and harmony, bring locals and visitors together to celebrate the present and to honor the past with rare humanity and hospitality. And smiles, with many smiles.